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DIY Fall and Winter Home Decor Ideas

I am back with a new collection of home decor that you can make from simple  objects.. These decor ideas are not only for the holiday season, they can be hanged to make the house cozy and stylish the whole winter season. Enjoy and share with friends! 

This post has been updated Nov 15 2016

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White Christmas Decor

First happy last Monday in Novamber. And here comes nother home and garden article:

White is beautiful, classy, elegant, fresh, clean and pure. White never make anything ugly so you can go brave with white whether it's for you or for your home. I know that some people think that white is hard to handle but only in some furnture cases and that depends on how you handle your stuff, r if you have children. So here I collected these lovely white simple decorations for the home that I myself planing to make and already made some of them from random things I collect from the forest like twigs, some jars, candles ect..

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11 DIY Food Gifts For Him

Hello blog readers and ideas collectors. I am OBSESSED with all things DIY. And It looks like you guys going to be the same when you see how much simple things you can make that can have more value then what we usually purchase, that are common and are in all stores. Your guy is going to love these goodies once you make them and pack them in a beautiful way. And by the way on my up coming post I am going to have a special post only for how to warp gifts in unusual way. Have a wonderful weekend! 

1 A Bottle of Cranberry Lime Vodka

A Bottle of Cranberry Lime Vodka
Get the recipe here.

2 Candy-Flavored Vodka

Candy-Flavored Vodka
You could use candy canes or Red Hots, too. Just soak the candy of your choice in a mason jar of vodka for two days.

3 Martini Kit

Martini Kit

4 Adult Hot Chocolate Kit

Adult Hot Chocolate Kit

 5 Mirthful Christmas Party Kit

Mirthful Christmas Party Kit
Create your own by including a set of craft beers, handmade coasters, and vials of glitter and confetti.

6 A Grilling Kit

A Grilling Kit
This recipe for bourbon whiskey BBQ sauce is undoubtedly Christmasy. Include a tin of homemade BBQ rib.

7 A Large Box Filled with Maple Bacon Popcorn

A Large Box Filled with Maple Bacon Popcorn
Recipe from Sweet Paul.

8 Pretty Bottles of Infused Vodka

Pretty Bottles of Infused Vodka
America’s Test Kitchen has a great step-by-step guide on how to make your own infused vodka. Also, alcohol infusers do exist, if you plan on regularly using infused vodkas in your own cocktails.

9 Slices of Pie, Distributed in This Printable Box

Slices of Pie, Distributed in This Printable Box
Just print out the template and fold!

10. Fruit Leathers in a Rustic Wooden Box

Fruit Leathers in a Rustic Wooden Box
Try this recipe for a raspberry vanilla fruit leather. Feel free to add liquor and nuts as well.

 11 A Jar of Homemade Bacon Salt

A Jar of Homemade Bacon Salt
Get the recipe here.

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